We've made some changes here at web10g.org that we hope will make the site more accessible and usable to the web10g community.

First off, we've change the static news section to be the blog you are reading now. We'll be keeping the community as up to date as possible from here. New releases, changes, conference visits and the like will all be found here. Feel free to leave comments but questions should go to our new forum.

Second, we've added a forum for our users to ask questions of the development team. share experiences, and get community support. We know that forums are a bit of an experiment for an academic project but we hope that our community will give it a chance. We hope to to only bring in researchers and academics but inspiried hobbyists, industry workers, and people who like to live at the bleeding edge. You can also subscribe to a particularly interesting thread to get email updates and subscribe to the forums via RSS. The forums are fully searchable and open to the public. You must register in order to leave a comment but anyone can read them. There isn't much goign on in the forums right now but hopefully that will be changing as we roll out Web10G to the wider community.

Third, we'll be making sure that the latest official patches for the generic linux kernel are always available under the software tab. You'll also be able to find the latest version of the Web10G userland there as well. As tool and applications are developed for Web10G we'll also make space for them undre the Tools and Applications category where we can.