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Welcome to the Web10G software respository. This is an official collection of software for the Web10G project.

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Tools and Applications

Tools and applications for use with the Web10G kernel.

Web10G Kernel Patch and API Packages

Web10G Userland API, kernel patch, and sample applications. The API and sample applications must be used on a current Web10g kernel. Please use http://www.github.com/rapier1/web10g-userland for the most recent version.

Web10G Kernel Patches

Web10G Kernel Patches for linux kernels obtained from http://www.kernel.org. The use of these patches with kernel source code from distributions may not work and is not supported. For the latest version please visit http://www.github.com/rapier1/web10g The github repo contains the KIS and Web10G code inline with the linux kernel.
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